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Our Modern Slavery Statement


Repton Property Developments Ltd (Repton) is committed to conducting its business with the highest ethical standards and promoting human rights throughout its operations. As part of our ongoing efforts to prevent modern slavery in our supply chains, we are publishing this statement to outline the steps we have taken to identify and address any instances of modern slavery or human trafficking within our organisation and our supply chains.

Our Business:

Repton is a small housebuilding company based in Norfolk, specializing in the design, construction, and sale of high-quality homes. We work with a range of suppliers and contractors throughout our operations, including but not limited to construction teams, architects, engineers and materials suppliers.

Our Policies:

We are wholly owned by Norfolk County Council and whilst not restricted by their procurement rules, in principle we try to abide by any policies in place and we receive the same high level of training that all other employees do. NCC’s Modern Slavery policy can be found here.

Those policies include:

Code of Conduct: Our Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to ethical behaviour, including respect for human rights, fair treatment of employees, and zero tolerance for any form of forced labour, child labour, or human trafficking.

Supplier Code of Conduct: We expect all our suppliers and contractors to uphold similar ethical standards and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to modern slavery and human trafficking. Our tender selection process sets out our expectations in this regard and forms a key part of our supplier selection process.

Due Diligence: We conduct due diligence when tendering our suppliers and contractors to ensure they meet our standards for ethical behaviour, including compliance with laws and regulations related to modern slavery and human trafficking. We regularly review our supplier relationships to ensure ongoing compliance.

Employee Training: We provide regular training to our employees to raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking and to ensure they understand their responsibilities in preventing these issues.

Reporting: We encourage all employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report any concerns related to modern slavery or human trafficking. We will investigate all reports thoroughly and take appropriate action where necessary.


Repton is committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chains. We will continue to review and improve our policies and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and to promote ethical behaviour throughout our organization and our supply chains. We encourage all our stakeholders to work with us in achieving this goal.